Russell helped me lose 35 kilos in 12 months. People I knew didn't recognise me walking down the street and I didn't recognise myself looking in the mirror. I feel great and look even better

Stewart Rose, Formerly of Collins St Hobart now of Canberra ACT.

Exercise and Diet Tips

A six pack of activities that don't feel like exercise


1. Take a ride to MONA

What better way to spend a morning than taking a ride along the bike track from Sullivan’s Cove in Hobart to The Museum of Old and New Art in Berridale. Here you can take a pit stop for a light lunch and some sightseeing, then burn it all off by riding back to Salamanca. The trip is around 13kms each way so it is decent ride but as the track is fairly flat, the trip is much more leisurely than gruelling. If it seems a bit daunting you can always work your way up to it over a few weeks, as there are plenty of places to stop along the way to enjoy the view. For those that don’t have a bike these can be hired from the bike store at the Cenotaph in Hobart.

2. Social tennis Sunday

There are various spots around Hobart such as the Uni Gym and Hutchins or Friends School that have courts for hire at reasonable prices, so get some friends and rackets together and have a hit on a Sunday morning. It’s a good chance to catch up with friends and the social aspect will distract you from the fact that you are actually exercising! All of these facilities have ovals where you can do your warm-up and cool-down walks or a bit of stretching if it has been a while. Splitting the cost between the players also makes it really cheap, and with the savings you can catch up for a coffee afterwards.

3. Walk it off

Any social occasions can be turned into effortless exercise. If you’re meeting a friend for coffee or lunch, walk instead of driving! Walk past your friend’s house to pick them up and once your chatting away, you won’t even notice if you take the long route to your favourite coffee shop. If it’s too far to walk all the way, park your car further away, near the beach or on a sweet little side street and take the time to walk around and appreciate the area, rather than just the coffee.

4. It’s a date

A great way to spend time with a partner or ease the tension of a first date is with some exercise. This can be anything - a walk, a run, a pool session, a bike ride, a game of golf or even a swim at the beach. A good idea is to try something neither of you have done before so there is no pressure to be a superstar. This provides a perfect opportunity to flirt and be playful, plus it sends a great impression to your date – that you are active and healthy. If you get on well it shouldn’t even feel like hard work at all and you could have found yourself a regular exercise partner.

5. Explore the City by foot

Because of the hustle and bustle of everyday life, we often don’t take time to realise that we live in one of the most beautiful places in the world. So jump in the car, drive to somewhere you’ve never been and get out into the fresh air.

Knocklofty Reserve in West Hobart has some great little walking tracks weaving through Mount Stuart and South Hobart open for exploration, or if you’re up for a bit of a challenge have a go at the Truganini Track. This begins on the Channel Highway coming into Taroona and winds up through the trees to the Mount Nelson Signal Station. From the top it’s a beautiful view of the city and Derwent so take a moment to catch your breath and soak it in. This is about an hour and a half return, depending on your fitness level. But if you want the best view of Hobart you can go past the number of walks on Mt Wellington. These can be enjoyed all year round, just remember to rug up if you go in winter.

6. Play a round of golf

Play 18 holes of golf and you would have walked approximately 8kms and if you carry or push your clubs will burn almost 1200 calories. The really good news is the worse you are at the game the more calories you burn searching for your ball. Tell that at the 19th hole to the next person who tells you they play off scratch.

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