Russell makes training fun and motivating. Hard work and very challenging, but lots of fun and it is important to me that exercise doesn’t feel like a chore. I really look forward to my training sessions..and besides my dog Chelsea loves playing with Russell’s dog, a very cute Whippet called Jimminy Cricket while we are working out!

Kimberley Elford, Blackmans Bay

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A beach body in 5 weeks


Summer is just around the corner, its the end of a busy day at the office and you are doing a spot of day dreaming.  You see yourself on holiday in an exotic resort, long warm sun filled days, your tanned bikini clad body stretched out on golden sand, a soft breeze kissing your warm skin. The reality is that under the layers of clothes you are wearing you are 10-15 kgs overweight and the only way you would go to the beach is in a full length wet suit. Your holiday is booked and the thought that you have left it all to late to do anything about the way you look is making you paranoid. A feeling not helped as your best friend tells you with barely concealed smugness "that beach bodies are made in winter don't you know".  Well she's not my best friend anymore you say to yourself as you glare at her and notice that she has poured herself into the skinniest, sexiest jeans you have ever seen.  She's obviously been very busy over winter making her summer body you think to yourself.  You desperately need to lose 10kgs and you have 5 weeks to your holiday it all seems to hard. Don't despair there is a solution, one that is quick and safe and above all one that works and its called Ultra Lite.

Ultra Lite has won weight loss and lifestyle programme of the year twice and  is specially designed to help people lose body fat quickly and safely.  It does this by switching people from being predominately sugar burners to being predominately fat burners.  That's great news because what it means is that while you are moving, sitting, standing, actually doing absolutely anything at all your fat cells are shrinking in size and as a result so is your waist and hips.  When your body burns fat for energy the resulting chemical reaction produces ketones, these can be measured simply by using a ketone stick every morning.  If the stick turns pink you are producing ketones which means your body is burning fat and the cms are melting away and that is so motivating.  Ultra Lite is unlike most other weight loss programmes in that is does not use meal replacement shakes it uses real easily accessible food for breakfast, lunch and dinner.  The foods and recipes are all in the ultra lite manual. Its so easy to follow and its educational in that it shows you what to eat to get the body you want. It makes you think about everyday food choices and that means you keep that weight off long term.  Over 5 weeks it is usual for people to lose between 8-10kgs on this amazing programme.  If they can do it you can do it. Order that bikini now, you are heading down the beach. 

Just some of the reasons Ultra Lite works:

1. Quick, safe and easy

2. Educational

3. Weekly weigh ins and measure (keeps you on track)

4. Trained Consultants who understand weight loss.

5. Motivational

6. No shakes (uses real food)

7. 24/7 support (any questions? just phone, text or email)

8. Saves you money

9. Helps to normalise B.P. Cholesterol, Triglycerides, blood sugar

10. Makes you feel great as well as look great

These are just some of the reasons to use Ultra Lite.  To find a consultant nearest you log on to







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